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The therapy process is about more than treating symptoms.   It’s about improving your quality of life.   Our team of child and family therapists is ready to help you strengthen your relationships while reaching your goals.

Parents, children, and families come to us for help with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, Emotional Regulation, Family Conflict, Life Transitions, Parenting, Peer Conflicts, School Problems, Self Esteem, Social Skills, Stress, and more.    Ask us a question or call 240-242-5185 to find out how we can help you.

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My son is less nervous and anxious.   His mood is more upbeat.

In a better mood

Our child has gained confidence, made progress at school, and appears more comfortable socially.    She is able to share her feelings with her family when she gets frustrated.    Less mood swings and tantrums make for less tension amongst all in the household.    We are all happier!

We are all happier!